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    Community Rules


    Identity Life holds the right to terminate or remove any member for any reason. Community Rules must be followed on all Identity Life applications and servers.



    • All members and visitors of Identity Life must show respect to all members and staff at all times.

    • Any discrimination, harassment, making fun off, racism, etc will not be tolerated. Joking around will be accepted as-long as all affected parties give consent to it.

    • Any type of lying will not be tolerated from a OOC standpoint.

    • Do not bully another member or visitor. Harsh offensive content will not be allowed.



    All members must use English on all Identity Life applications and servers. Different languages may be used, but may not violate any community rules. Your main language must be English.


    Hacking & Game Mechanics

    • Any type of hacking will not be tolerated.

    • Any type of abusing or exploiting game and application (Discord, Teamspeak, Forums, etc) mechanics will not be tolerated.


    Private Information & Content

    • Releasing any personal information of another user without their permission will not be allowed.

    • Any content that may leave a person feeling uncomfortable will not be allowed. This may include sexual acts, nudity, racism, etc.

    • Any type of scamming will not be tolerated. Do not sell or distribute any in-game or community items for anything.



    • Any type of advertisement will not be allowed without the permission of the community owner.


    Impersonating a Staff Member

    • Do not pretend to be someone else. For example: Staff.



    • Abusing any loopholes or ways to exploit the community rules will not be tolerated.



    • You are responsible for your accounts. Please keep them secure.

    • You may only have one account for every application. One account for forums, one for Identity, one for discord, etc. unless you have a good reason.


    Common Sense

    • Common sense is expected to be used at all times.


    Player Reports

    • All members must report all community rule violations to the appropriate thread on the forums.

    • Any false reports will not be tolerated.