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  • Terms and conditions:

    When you donate you agree to all of the following below;

    1. You accept that you are donating solely to help fund the community and in return accept the following rewards below as a Thank you from the KY-Servers Staff Team. You are not being forced to donate and is solely your decision on doing so!

    2. You accept that your Donation is final and you will not be able to receive a refund on the donation for what ever such reason.

    3(a). If you abuse ANY rewards for any reason, you give the KY-Servers staff team the permission to remove ALL rewards from you at any given time if they redeem it necessary!

    3(b). If you get banned for what staff would consider a severe reason you are not entitled to get your rewards back!

    4. You accept that EVERYTHING on this page is subject to change without notice and You must keep yourself updated with it.

    Reward Policies:

    By donating you are helping the Identity Life Community to stay funded and healthy. In return for your donation you will get the following as a Thank You:

    1. A Forum Rank associated with How much you have donated to the community.

    2. A Teamspeak Rank which will be the same as your Forum Rank.

    3. A Discord Role related to your Forum rank.

    You however will not receive ANY in-game rewards such as money but if we are able to then you will receive a in-game Rank / Tag associated with the donation rank on the forum etc.

    Refund Policies:

    We have a No refund tolerance on any donations what so ever, as it is NOT a purchase of ANY goods and is a way to help contribute towards the community expenses!

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    Please donate to support the community.
    We appreciate all donations!