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  • Server Rules!

    General Rules



    2. NO Arguing with Admins (Debating is allowed), what a admin says is final.

    3. Do NOT spam over the chat or microphone or any other methods of communication.

    4. Don't harass or annoy other players. This includes being racist or purposefully trying to offend others.

    5. Do NOT disconnect during a admin situation if you are the accused or if in any RP situation!

    6. RESPECT all players how you would like to be respected.

    7. Don't randomly kill someone. (RDM - Random Death Match)

    8. Do NOT break NLR! (New Life Rule, if you die you do not remember who killed you / where you died)

    9. Don't attempt to exploit or cause harm to the server.

    10. Don't use an inappropriate RP name.

    11. Don't interfere with admin sits.

    12. Don't create offensive or inappropriate text in books or newspapers or on any advertisement boards or graffiti/paintings.

    13. Scamming or any attempt to defraud any vendor during transactions of any kind is not permitted.

    14. Don't whine and complain about hackers. Simply inform someone on the Admin Team that you suspect someone of cheating, and they will look into it. If no staff are available, please just record and put it on the Steam group.

    15. VDM is preferred to not happen. You can do it though in significant RP situation. If you're being robbed by someone standing infront of your vehicle, and they threaten your life, you are able to hit the gas. Otherwise, you are to not VDM.

    16. If you are interested in RP'ing as a Lawyer, or Public Defender, you are required to be in a business suit, or at least a tie. You cannot show up in full rebel uniform, trying to be a lawyer. 

    17. Hacking is your account's responsibility. We don't care who actually hacked, whether it was your brother, sister, turtle, etc; Its your account, take responsibility and keep control over it. 

    18. Repeatedly Baiting/taunting the police to engage in a police chase by speeding up and down the street and blocking the street is not tolerated. (You can do it once but for example going back into the pd over and over again after being punished or death is fail RP)

    19. Combat logging is absolutely not allowed and is a bannable offense, and generally an obvious rule on most RP servers. If you have time to play, then you have time to wait for the respawn timer to end.

    20. NO using third party information to gain advantage e.g. Live streams.

    Important Rule Definitions

    Random Death Match (RDM)
    1) Killing without any valid RP reason.
    2) You may always defend yourself if you are being attacked.

    New Life Rule (NLR)
    1) Once you die, you forget everything that happened to you in your past life.
    2) You may not return to the area where you died until you wait the 10 minute NLR Area cooldown time.
    3) If you are close enough to the area where you died, so that you are influencing the RP that is ongoing in said area, then you are breaking NLR.

    1) Using information that your RP character does not know.
    3) Acting upon visual effects or sounds that can be seen/heard through a wall that you wouldn't normally see or hear.
    4) Using out-of-character (OOC) information in-character, and vice versa. 

    Raiding Rules
    1) You must wait 1 hour in-between raiding the same person.
    2) Once you've completed your raid, you must leave. You cannot occupy a base/store after a raid.

    Default Laws
    1) Owning a small handgun is legal.[........]
    2) Murder, assault, robbery and raiding are illegal activities.[ALWAYS]
    3) Firing off any gun in public for any reason other than self defense is illegal.[MAYOR CAN CHANGE]
    4) Owning contraband is illegal.[MAYOR CAN CHANGE]

    Rules and Guidlines for Raiding the Bank:
    1) Only the raiding party can engage resistance, as a heist is occuring, external members cannot engage the police if they are not part of the heist.
    2) Remain in the bank until finished with the heist! (Unless he is a spotter)
    3) There can be ONLY 1 Spotter!
    4) Members of the heist gang can only engage once the police are on sight

    Fail RP

    1) Fail RP can be caused in many situations. Example; You are being robbed at gun point and you refuse to give anything to the person robbing you.

    Forcing player to do unrealistic RP. Example; /me James breaks Dominik's legs

    All the above are subject to change without notice at any given time and is your responsibility to check up on them regularly!