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  2. Hey everyone, I just wanted to announce that the site may go down at some point, but just a heads up not to be alarmed; as I am getting the SSL reactivated. I hopefully will have more time, to refurbish the site, while also trying to re-add the things we have lost from earlier this year. I hope you all guys have had a better year than the community has and will hopefully come back once we see more. Don't forget, please check out our discord server at some point. (It is not very lively right now but I am sure we can change that eventually as with the site activity. Thank you again for being patient with me and overall being apart of this community. Kind Regards, James
  3. This is the place where our staff can introduce themselves. ________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone; welcome to the community. My name is James and I am a Founder and Owner of this community. I created this community under a different name and have changed the name 3 times since. The name is dedicated to Identity RPG which is the game we are all waiting for to release fully. I set up the community early on dedicated to the game due to how hard it will be once we hit the games full release or after it. Getting dedicated players is never a easy job, and since I made this community to get ideas from the same players who join. I wanted and want to get ahead of the game so that the first server we get can be populated quicker. It also allows me and my staff to be able to shape the community how we all would like it. A place for Gamer's to come and play together, meeting others who have similar interests. A place where we all work together to shape the community to how it will become. Please show respect to everyone in the community as we are all apart of shaping the communities future. Thank you for choosing this community and I hope to see you all in game and where / how we shape our community together. Regards, James
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