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Community Rules:

  1. Respect: All Others.
  2. Racism/ Sexism: Is Not tolerated.
  3. Profanity/ slurs towards others: is Not allowed.
  4. Real Life Politics and Religious beliefs: is Not to be discussed on this forum.
  5. Cyber Bullying/ Harassment: Is Not tolerated.
  6. Religious Hate: Is Not tolerated.
  7. Posting content which insights arguments and Not discussion will be removed.
  8. Re-posting deleted content: Is Not allowed. 
  9. Posting about a staff decision publicly: Is Not allowed! (If you have a problem with a decision made then please report it to the staff members respective superior.
  10. All Staff decisions are Final!

General Server Rules:

  1. Have Fun!
  2. Hacking/ Exploiting/ Glitching is Not Tolerated!
  3. Do Not Random Death-match on our servers.
  4. Avoiding punishment is Not Allowed and will be followed up with a more serious punishment.

All Rules can be mended, added or removed at any given time with out notice and so it is your responsibility to keep up to date with them.


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