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    Sorry! No Identity servers exists at this moment. Please check back soon.

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  • Minecraft

    This is a pure and simple Vanilla Minecraft server. Feel free to join!


  • Mordhau

    This is a Mordhau server. On this server, when it is on Deathmatch, then it is Duels Only. If on TDM then you can fight normally.

  • IdentityLifeServers

    Welcome To Our Community Group!
    About Us:

    We are an Identity community, formed in early 2016 by community creator/owner James. Since then we have reached many milestones, including the creation of this forum, and earning a dedicated playerbase, which is quite a feat for a game that doesn't even exist yet.

    Major staff members include; James, Raffen, Herzog, Dominic, Shaggy, Yaxy; all of which will be more than happy to help you with anything community related. Drop a pm!

    Join us now, and work with us to form the community for you!
    You can become white-listed here.

    Our Goals:

    1. To become a high presence community within the Identity Modules (Short Term)

    2. To gain members for a greater community for the full game (Short Term)

    3. To become a well known community. (Long Term)

    4. To expand the community with many servers in different regions. (Starting with the UK, then expanding to East Coast/West Coast US, then Europe) (Long Term)


    1. We are NOT aiming for a profit within this community. Donations are to get more player slots, servers, and upgraded / enhancements for the community. None of the money gained from donations will be spent on anything other than community related expenses.

    2. As much as we are a free community, we have rules that will be enforced to keep the community a decent place.

    Staff Structure:
    Sr. Management - (Tier 3 - Global)
    CEO: (James)
    Founder: (Shaggy, Dominik, Raffen & Herzog)
    COO: (OPEN)
    Community Director: (Yaxy)
    Jr. Management - (Tier 2 - Local)
    Operations Manager: (OPEN)
    Marketing Manager:
    Server Manager(s): (OPEN)
    Community Staff: (Tier 1 - Local/ Region Based)
    Senior Administrator(s):
    Administrator(s): (MAC, Villasenor)
    Moderator(s): (MeyMey), (Sonicwave)
    Development Team: (Local - Forum)
    Lead Developer(s): (MAC)
    Senior Developer(s): (Roberts, Sonicwave)
    Developer(s): (Fractal)
    Marketing Team: (Local, Forum/ Social media)
    Marketing Supervisor(s): (OPEN)
    Marketing Assistant(s): (OPEN)
    Content Creator(s): (OPEN)
    Graphics Designer(s): (OPEN)

    Social Media:
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/IdentityRPGLife
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFF94CDQ880bFN23oF-xzfQ
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/identitylife
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