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  1. Meymey

    Game Servers

    The idea of having a smaller Arma Altis life server sounds great and gives the community an opportunity to get to know eachother prior to the TS launch and full game.
  2. As the Town Square module is on the horizon and soon to be released to the Public I was wondering who will join in on our TS Event that will be hosted in these coming days to get to know our Community and Members.
  3. Meymey

    What do you want to roleplay on our servers?

    I'm going to Roleplay as an full-time Housing Broker providing quality & convenience to all Customers, but most likely run an underground Criminal Gang to earn some rather less legal money for very specific reasons.
  4. Meymey

    1st Module Community Events

    This could also be an opportunity for members in the Community to talk about future plans to see If anyone is interested joining in on their future plans.
  5. Meymey

    Community Name Suggestions.

    "Identity Exodus" A mass amount of people who would migrate from an Identity to another, could also work in the sense that your real-life Identity turns into a completely new one in Identity, therefor the name "Exodus".
  6. Meymey

    Inactivity Status - I am Sorry

    Glad to see you back in the Community lad, I'd guess Herzog could use an extra hand right now - Regards Memester @Roberts
  7. Meymey

    In-Game Donation Rewards

    Even though this thread is quite old and all, Donation reward based Communities has been in existence for a long time and has indeed shown bad signs in the past It has also shown a lot of good signs... As previously mentioned above by James that Donations shouldn't be seen as Purchases to get an advantage over others by spending real cash, They should be seen as a way to financially support this Community and to show more gratitude by You getting something in return but with a reasonable amount to decrease the chance of getting this Community a bad name because we implemented "Purchase based rewards" instead of "Support based rewards". So, my personal conclusion to this is to implement reasonable rewards for Donating to keep It more attractive for the Community financial sake. Around 1000 IG-Balance every 10 IRL Dollars. Now though we are yet to get Donation Reward support from the Identity Developers confirmed If this will even be possible in the future.
  8. Meymey

    Games you play while waiting.

    PUBG - Uninstalled 11x because of MINI 14... Battlefield 1 - EA is shite so i uninstalled that aswell... GMOD - 11/10 RP... Holdfast: One shot no kill... GTA 5 - Top notch fun...
  9. Meymey

    LionroM - Introduction

    Pleasure to see that you've found your way to KY-Servers! Also congratulations for passing the Application! I hope you'll find yourself comforted here on the Forums with a lot of Friendly people always willing to help! With Kind Regards, Memester.
  10. Meymey

    Application - Memester

    - What is your geographical location? Sweden - Age? 15 - Please tell us a bit about yourself: Well, Not much to say really. I work part time as an Indie Game Developer, I specialize in Modelling and Scripting. I usually devote most of my spare time to the things i love to do. In this case It is Productive things i spend most of my time on. - Do you have a mic and teamspeak? ((It might be important to have the two if we require to join teamspeak)) I have a Microphone. - How much time do you spend on the forums? On the Forums I'd say 8-9 Hours a day, The rest of the time i put into Production. - How much time are you willing to devote to the community under this role? ((On a weekly basis)) Mondays - Fridays: Around 9:00/23:00 CET. Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-4/5:00. Ofcourse taking Pauses between. - How much experience do you have with Game Servers? ((Have you ever run or helped run a Server where you had to fix problems? More precisely with Arma 3. Any other experience with a Game Server(s) is welcome such as working with HTML and CSS)) I am decent when it Comes to Coding Scripts / Tweaking Scripts, And i mostly Specialize tweaking in Arma, Aswell modifying and Creating Altis Life Mission Files. I gained most of my Experience of me Working with Indie Game Projects. - Have you ever been demoted or kicked from such a role on another community? If so, why? No. - Have you ever put in a staff application for any other staff position within this community? If so, did you get accepted or denied? If denied, please explain why. No. - Have you ever received a warning point or a temporary ban within this community? If yes, what for? Never. - Why are you applying for this role? I want to help with the Arma Project because i feel like i have alot of Spare time over which I don't really use. Also helps me advance my Knowledge and Experience to later be even better. - How can putting you in such a role make a difference to the community? How are you unique from other applicants? ( Since i am unsure If any Current Dev Team member has alot of Knowledge and Experience within Arma Tweaking, So I'll have to go after what Herzog stated that the Current Devs don't have alot of Experience within Arma Tweaking/ It's their first time.) I feel that i am unique in the way that i have a decent amount of Experience when it comes to Arma Tweaking and Modifying / Building up Mission Files using Scripts, Custom Assets e.tc. So i think I'd be a great asset to help Contribute with the A3 Server Project possibly getting it to a playable state Faster. - Do you have any references from staff? If no, leave blank. If yes, please provide proof if possible such as an image of a message.
  11. The Suggestion is.. - Get a SSL Certificate - Get The HTML Link verified by Google. - Claim the website on Google Implementing this will both Protect the new Community Name and will make the Forums appeal more Proffesional, Because Google HTML Verification Service currently states that this website is in-secure and no Payment cards should be used on here. -I've heard that Invision Power Services sell's SSL Certificates. -Why? A: This could increase the Amount of donations in the Future, Because people will feel more Confident that this 1, Isn't a Scam and 2, It look's alot more Proffesional with an SSL Certificate.
  12. Meymey

    In-Game Donation Rewards

    You could see implementing another game server as an investment to fund the Identity Server.
  13. Meymey

    In-Game Donation Rewards

    @James Yea i do agree on that i overdid the Rewards alot, Personally i would and will donate to help this community to last as long as possible, I see great Potential in this Community and i hope it'll last a long time, Since i have been a part of a wide variety of RP Communities and they all have died out because of Funding problems and such. And to be honest i find it bad that Communities have Rediculously high rewards for donors, The only reason that i chose such big Numbers was more intended to attract poeple to donate, But then i did realize it is a bad way of doing it. Donations in the end should really be made to Support something you see Potential in, Whils't still getting a bit extra in return to show gratitude and aswell getting people a bit more attracted in donating. Best regards, Memester.
  14. Meymey

    What Car Would You Want To Own In Identity

    2014 Porsche 918 Spyder
  15. Meymey

    What Car Would You Want To Own In Identity

    2018 Chevrolet Camaro