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  1. Gang Creation If you want to create your own gang and have a Teamspeak channel and all the good things, Then contact a staff member to get that sorted. But creating a gang within this Altis life community is easy. Just create a detailed forum, explaining what the gang is about and what you aim to do when living on our server. Then please add in an application template for people to fill out who have interest in your gang. Whenever you have your forum post up and running, that is your home of recruitment for your gang. Enjoy and good luck with your gang!
  2. Roberts

    Staff Application

    @Yaxy123 Steam ID is fixed, Sorry for the error, Thought SteamID64 Was requested. Look forward to your final decision! Thanks.
  3. Roberts

    Website Changelog

    //Website Development - 06/05/2018// Added All the pages needed for the Upcoming Arma III Altis Life Server Adding - Content withing the pages and sections
  4. Hello all! This section is all about your ideas and suggestions. Here on the Development team we take your ideas into consideration between everyone and if an end agreement is made your idea will be implemented onto the server / website or teamspeak. If you are not sure what to add on this section or you have an idea but not sure how to explain and express it to everyone, well I am going to leave a few bullet points below to help you get your ideas written! How would your idea affect other players on the server? (Positively or Negatively) Why do you want this idea to be on the server and how will it be better on this server than other RP Servers? Where did you think of this Idea? How would your Idea affect role play? Above are just a small few tips on how to bring your idea to life, I am sure when you come to writing your idea and making a suggestions a few valid and important points will come to mind. Thank you for reading this post and I hope I have helped you write at least a paragraph about your idea! Here personally and at the Development team, I can sureley say we are excitied to see what amazing ideas and suggestions you come up with for our up coming growing server!
  5. Roberts

    Website Changelog

    //Website Development - 05/05/2018// Added - Pages to the Upcoming Arma 3 Altis Life Server Adding - More pages with content
  6. Roberts

    Staff Application

    What server you are applying for? EU Your Real Name Ethan Your nickname Roberts SteamID STEAM_0:0:11101 Timezone GMT Your age or D.O.B 17 Do you have a mic? Yes Are you willing to download Teamspeak? Yes Tell us a bit about yourself I am 17 year old college computing student, I am studying computing in college and then hoping to progress onto University to get a degree in cyber security. I love to play games such as CS:GO, Arma 3 and many other games. In College I am learning many categories that include, Programming, Hardware Maintenance, Network Management and Software Installation. In my spare time as I am a senior developer for this amazing community I work with the dev team and fix any problems that need to be fixed. What experience do you have? I have worked as many roles within the staff team with many other communities working with different games. I have worked as a Head Developer, Lead Admin, Head Admin, Senior Moderator, Community Manager. Unfortunately some of the communities no longer carry on due to financial problems. I have worked with many problems and worked with other staff team to encounter problems and solved them well. I have helped them with In game issues, game complaints, arguments and all the way to technical problems. As my time as a Head Admin on a community called UnityRP My job was to overlook the administrative team to make sure they were doing as they are expected and performing the correct tasks. As i am a developer I have worked on dev teams working with other knowledgeable developers, including this team here I am with on IdentityLifeServers, My experience is enough to help out users face problems and encounter all issues and prevent future problems. I love helping people out and being given this role would be fitted for me. Have you ever been banned or demoted for abuse of power? No Reason for Applying: I have been here for about a year now, And I would not leave this community for anything. I have seen other communities like this one, but not just the same. Everyone here is friendly and always have a laugh with each other, It is very rarely you see that with other communities other than toxicity. I love being a developer on this server and I hope I can stay until the very end. I love everyone on the development team, they have respect for eachother and have quality banter, same with the rest of the staff team and the only thing is that it can only get better. How can you make a difference? I can make a difference due to my experience, I can help new comers understand the rules of RP and get them a much quicker feel to make them feel comfortable while playing and not let them worry about breaking rules. I can make a difference also due to my patience, being a staff member especially in a role like a moderator where you are expected to solve problems between two parties patience is something you need and calmness. This is something I have, And I can be there for hours solving a problem with the given evidence provided. My key qualities are - Solving skills, Team player, Technically Knowledgeable and good social skills. How often would you be able to get on a week? Well, as a developer I have not been active that much due to IRL stuff, however every weekend, weds and Friday I am always lurking and work on some stuff fr the website. I am always active on the website and sometimes teamspeak.. If no problems come up IRL i can then help anyone possible. Weds - I can be on from 1pm - 7pm (Maybe Even Longer if not busy) Friday - I can be on from 12pm - 9pm (Maybe Even Longer if not busy) Weekends - I can be on from 3pm - 11pm (Maybe Even Longer if not busy) Monday, tues, thursdays would be from 5pm - 8pm More information that you may want to add? N/A Staff Reference(s): Guest
  7. Roberts

    Arma 3 Server

    Really looking forward to this, and I am really privileged to be a part of this amazing development team. It's great to see our staff team and community waving into new games while the tensions rise for release of Identity! Listen people... This is going to be So fun! Mark my words.
  8. Roberts

    Game Servers

    Depends, I will let Herzog and Marc answer that one. Depends how much stuff we are looking to implement on the server tbh. Also what things we want and do not want with regards to RP. Also Uniforms, badges so on.
  9. Roberts

    Game Servers

    Yes same, I have a few friends and idea to spread the word, also as people love arma 3 they might not have heard of indentity, so we can also build our fan base.
  10. Roberts

    Game Servers

    I myself Have a lot of experience with developing some Arma III RP Servers and worked on some good communities Looks like the dev team will smash it all together developing an arma 3 RP Server.
  11. Roberts

    The Estafador Cartel

    The Estafador Cartel Logo to come soon Who Are The Estafador Cartel? The Estafador Cartel was founded on the 15th March 2018. It was founded by a person who has no patience whatsoever and loves fast, easy and quick money, Meet, Gimenez Soukran. Gimenez has started this Cartel up with someone else, Called Justin Johnson. Here > @Sonicwave™ - The Estafador Cartel is looking to get success in the Drug Dealing and illegal industry, They are looking for money and profit on every deal. Estafador's main focus is on Growing and reproducing drugs and selling them to people who need to sort their addiction, as we will be the best tippers out there! Our product will make you love life 10x more! However, if a good deal is offered and the right money is delivered and offered we will offer a certain Hitman Service, where you deliver the money. Give details of the victim and who you want going, Then leave the rest with us. We will then tell you when your desired enemy has vanished off the earth. We do take stuff very very serious.. And do not mess about AT ALL in this cartel. As we are doing Illegal business and we can get busted at any time, at any minute. Punishments? Loyalty? The rules are simple, being a part of the Estafador Family will give you a lot of benefits, However, if you decide to betray the family, steal or anything that is a criminal, disrespectful move against us, you will get tortured and punished. We are going to be an Organisation that people are scared of, When they see us, They will respect us. And the same will be for you. You be nice to us and treat us well, we will treat you well too. Simple, right? Just don't mess up, And you will be living the life, Alongside with your bosses. When joining the Estafador Cartel, The MAIN Characteristic we are looking for is Loyalty and Trust. We need to trust every single one, and you need to prove to us that you are worthy and trustable, before moving onto bigger tasks and earning bigger bucks. How can I join the Estafador? Below will be an application template where you can copy and paste and you fill in the blanks, If we are interested and feel like you can be trustable then we will take you on board, At the moment there are only two of us in the Organisation. People who apply early and have a well-detailed application will maybe be able to help us start the Business up and running in a smooth anonymous pace. But remember, We are looking for trustable people. Estafador's Family President(s) - Gimenez Soukran - @Roberts Justin Johnson - @Sonicwave™ Vice President - (Need Filling) Sergeant at Arms - (Need Filling) Secretary - (Need Filling) Enforcer - (Need Filling) Prospect - (Need Filling) Estafador's Role Descriptions President This role is the head of the business. Head of everything that happens. Makes the business flow into good order and make sure everything is working very well. The President's role is to deal with the Police or the Media when stumbled upon. Also, It is the Presidents job to order meetings and be the head of them. He is the big boy and is the Boss of the whole organization, and the Highest ranking role within the family. Vice President The Vice President is the second in command of the family. And fills in when the president is inactive or nowhere to be seen. If there was a problem when the president is not on, This is where the VP will come into place. The VP Has the club leadership And will look down on the roles below him and report to the president. Tell the president who is doing good and not so good. He is also second in command of the meetings and makes sure everything is in satisfactory. Sergeant at Arms This rank is very important, You are the highest rank not including commanding position roles. You are seen as the Gang's Policeman. Everyone in the gang, yes will have a gun to protect ourselves just in case of a shootout with other gangs/police etc. But the SAA will be in charge of the security and ALWAYS makes sure you are making the highest gang members safe, If you are in this role then you are trusted very well. For an example, the President and VP's are in town you will be there watching out for any possible assassinations or trouble from the cops. You will be the one who keeps us from going to jail. And will kill if that is what it takes to keep us safe. Secretary This position is quite important, this job you are told to maintain the relationships with other gangs and make sure our relationships are always respected. This job will also to monitor profits and every day / when drugs have been sold. You will report these stats to the President to make sure the organization is making good money. If not things will change. Also, to be in this job you have to make sure you are a very clever person. On keeping out of trouble and the eye of the police. You will give us tips and ideas to plant the drugs and where to plant. Enforcer This job is the second lowest, you are just seen as a gang member and you need to prove to us that we can trust you. Then you will be promoted to the next rank depending on the President's decision. As the same as the Prospect you MUST engage with Illegal activity, the main job for the Enforcer is to make sure the drugs WE are growing is not being stolen or watched by the police. You will be the overwatch of the drugs and give reports if anything is happening. Or any cops are in sight. Prospect This is the first job you will be given. This job you grow the drugs and you are made sure to not get caught. If you do get caught you DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT THE Estafador Cartel if you do, you will be instantly removed and hunted down. You will be given the resources to plant / Grow if possible. If not you will be told to do it yourself and get growing, You will be working closely with the Enforcer to make sure they are protecting you and to let you know if any cops are to be seen, or gang activity. If so you must vacate the scene immediately. Prospects will be monitored by the secretary. If you are seen as a good gang member and are bringing in good profits for the business you will get ranked up. Estafador Cartel Application RP Name? - Why are you choosing the criminal life? - How far are you looking to go in the Estafador Cartel? - Are you willing to help fund the Estafador Cartel? (Such as help to buy resources to start the drug business) - Can we really trust you? (Why can we trust you?) *Make this detailed* - What kind of job do you want to do for us? - Are you willing to fight for the Estafador Cartel? - Tell us About your RP Character? - What rank do you desire to work for? - **As the president of Estafador, i look forward in hearing from your response. And maybe working with you in the close future** *More is to be added in the future, we will be adding more information soon. This is not the FINAL post, however if you want to apply. Please go ahead and apply.*
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    Website Changelog

    //Website Development - 08/03/2018// Added: Black backgrounds to the server list to make them appear more to the user and better readability View them here ; https://www.kyservers.com/ky-s-server-list/ See the changes from the images
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    Website Changelog

    //Website Development - 08/03/2018// Changed: The background on the rules section, Was hard to read the rules and writing were being transparent for users to read. Added in black backgrounds View them here ; https://www.kyservers.com/identity-server-rules/ https://www.kyservers.com/staffrules/
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    Website Changelog

    //Website Development - //08/03/2018// Removed: Removed and reset the Cache to make the website respond quicker on all platforms and devices (Back end work)
  15. Dear Community! As most of you already know i am one of the developers here on this community. What has caught my eye is the patience and dedication our community members have! As identity comes closer everyday i am sure that this community comes closer too in some way. Due to real life stuff is is stopping me to put work into this community. However, I do come here and check up on everything when i am not working. But, I can say i am going to get a chat going with Herzog, Head of development and we will get this website and the server when the game comes out to the best of its potential and give you what you deserve. I cannot wait for Identity to come out, developing and helping out on the server when the time is here. I would just like to say a little thank you for everyone that has stuck about and lets make this Community the best, biggest and most popular when the game is released! Thank you