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  1. Fractal

    Website Changelog

    //Website Development - 13/06/2018// Added: MyIdentity is now on a separate domain for testing Successful connection to the Arma 3 database and working steam API Displays statistics about the players in-game on the Altis Life server All SQL and PHP errors have been fixed Preview: http://prntscr.com/jup0jm
  2. Fractal

    Penguino APD Application

    +1 is very good with roleplay and combat, I have played with him as cop
  3. Fractal

    Altis Police Department Handbook Changelog

    25/05/2018 -Handbook link changed to new Google Site
  4. On this thread, you will be able to monitor all changes made to the APD handbook and who made them. 23/05/2018 -Home Page Completed -Ranks Pages Completed -General Information Page Completed -Procedures Page Completed -FAQ Page Completed
  5. Fractal

    Report a Bug

    REPORT A BUG If you have encountered a bug, you can report it on this forum. We are very grateful for people taking the time out of their day to help maintain and improve our Altis Life server. If you feel that this issue shouldn't be posted publicly, please direct message a staff member. Exploiting Bugs Players caught taking advantage of bugs will be permanently banned from the server. Types of Bugs Not all bugs are server sided. We cannot fix your FPS or other client sided issues. Please try restarting your game or looking up solutions to fixing these problems. Major Bugs Before reporting a bug, please look through the forum to make sure no one else has already reported it. In many cases, a major bug that is affecting the whole server is something that has already been reported. The Process Some bugs may take longer to fix than others, and we try our best to fix all issues in a reasonable time. Please be patient and do not message any staff members asking them to look at your report or bump the thread. SUBMIT REPORT
  6. Fractal

    Forum Developer Application Fractal

    It is finished
  7. Fractal

    Jets and Helicopters

    You would collect, process, and sell drugs and other illegal items using a cargo helicopter. But the risk is that everyone, including police, can see your helicopter and the risk is much higher. This would also require the flight paths to be over populated areas and police stations. The attack helicopters would allow police officers to take down these helicopters because if you fly high enough you're invincible.
  8. Fractal

    Jets and Helicopters

    I have seen a lot of servers ignore the capabilities of jets and helicopters and limit them to transportation. A great feature that may be hard to implement is helicopter runs. Players could get a cargo helicopter and do illegal runs and higher levels of police (and rebels) would have access to attack helicopters and fighter jets. If a police officer in either of these vehicles sees a helicopter or jet violating any air traffic laws or sees them leave an illegal area, they can send a message to them telling them to land with multiple warnings until they are shot down. Police officers can call for helicopter or fighter jet backup if someone they are chasing escapes by helicopter or jet too. It may be easier and more profitable to do illegal runs with cargo helicopters, but the risk will be much higher. For police officers that get these vehicles for free, they would have to fill out crash reports if they crashed any of these vehicles to ensure they are valuing the vehicles and their life and would receive flight training and testing. I know this is hard to implement, so if anyone has any ideas that would make this suggestion better please comment below.
  9. Fractal

    In-Game Donation Rewards

    Donation rewards that give one player an advantage over another are what push away a lot of potential active community members. Donations should provide something cosmetic and at most something that makes your life a little more convenient. For example, different car skins, extra spawn points, and perks like auto seatbelt. You could also let gang leaders donate to get perks for their whole gang like a TeamSpeak channel and other things similar to what I gave in the example above.
  10. What is your geographical location? United States What is your age? 17 Tell us a bit about yourself I am an ambitious student from the United States. I love computer science, sports, and gaming. I have been spending a lot of my free time on Arma 3 and I love being in a positive community. Do you have a mic and/ or Teamspeak? A Microphone Teamspeak How much time do you spend on the forums? Less than 1 hour a day How much time are you willing to devote to the community under this role? ((On a weekly basis)) 10+ hour(s) a week How much experience do you have with forums? ((Have you ever run or helped run a forum where you had to fix problems? More precisely with IPB4. Any other experience with forums is welcome such as working with HTML and CSS)) I have ran multiple MyBB forums in the past few years for Garry's Mod, Arma 3, and Rust communities. I have created and customized themes and edited/created plugins with MySql databases to make game control panels and allow users to view and edit in-game information. I also have a lot of experience with HTML, CSS, and Wordpress. Have you ever been demoted or kicked from such a role on another community? No Why were you kicked out or demoted? Have you ever put in a staff application for any other staff position within this community? No Did you get accepted or denied? Explain 'why' you were denied on any other staff applications you have made. Have you ever received a warning point or a temporary ban within this community? No Give the reason 'why' you received this warning point or temporary ban. Why are you applying for this role? I have always wanted to help develop an ambitious server with the potential to become huge. This server is already very organized and I want to be able to contribute my past skills and experience to make the server the best it can possibly be. I have a lot of experience on other servers and I am aware of what most people like and dislike and I can contribute my knowledge of this to making the server a better place. How can putting you in such a role make a difference to the community? One of the goals I would have as a developer is to exceed the expectations made for me and do the work of 5 developers to ensure this server succeeds and becomes a positive populated community. I am ambitious and will always be thinking of new ideas to integrate into the server and make it unique and more developed than other life servers. I work well with teams and look forward to potentially working with an amazing development team to create a truly amazing community. Anything more that you would feel is needed/ necessary for the application? I think someone accidentally made me a citizen before my whitelist application was fully approved, and I would like whoever is looking at this application to not immediately deny it and wait until I am approved before making your final decision. Also for the "Do you have any references from staff? If no, leave blank." It forced me to select a member of the forums because it was a required field so I just put myself. Do you have any references from staff? If no, leave blank. Guest If yes, please provide proof of your reference if possible; such as an image of a message.