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  1. Herzog

    Herzog PRA Application

    Real Name Cornell RP Name Jonathan.Taylor SteamID STEAM_0:0:45672013 Timezone BST AGE 18 - 20 Are there any server rules that you do not fully understand? Negative How long have you been within the community About 2 years. Since the start of this iteration of the community. How many hours do you have playing Roleplay 559 hours combined on Arma II/III and many more on ESO and other games. Why do you want to liberate Altis? Altis is for the people. I will not let the man take from us, what is rightfully ours. I will fight to my last breath, so long as i see Altis in our hands. Why do you want to liberate Altis?Have you ever been a whitelisted rebel on another community? Negative What whitelisted factions have you been in before? N/A What are your goals on Altis? To take on orders from my superiors and ensure than the fight for Altis is fair. The people of Altis are left defenseless as the regime steps over them. We must protect and take back what is ours. I will do anything to do so, even the smallest of jobs helps us gain ground against the regime. What do you expect from PRA? Brotherhood. I expect all of us to play as a unit. Not as individuals, but as a family. We are all fighting for the same reason. Unity will help us defeat the enemy. What can you contribute to the PRA? Excellent RP skills as well as in game skills. Real life and in game leadership skills and many others from the varying forces. If you pass the interview are their any questions you would like answered? Negative
  2. Herzog

    ArmA III AL Server Update

    You guys are getting all the goodies today. Heres just a little bit of a show off for some police uniforms and vehicles and NHS side. Before i show those i would like to explain a feature we have implemented. Being a hardcore server we have gotten rid of names above heads. Instead your steam ID is provided and we are in the progress of adding in an ID feature where you fill in an ID card complete with your RP info and even a picture, much like a drivers license. This can then be checked for your name and such. Adding on to Marc's pictures of the rebels, here are some pictures of the rebel vehicles available to you. And then below are a few more pictures showing off police uniforms, vehicles and helicopters. Now onto NHS stuff. There is one more helicopter but i couldnt spawn it at the time. We are getting very close with our project and we are grateful for your patience. We cant wait to see you all in game enjoying this server alongside us. Herzog
  3. Herzog

    Jets and Helicopters

    We will definitely take your suggestion into consideration but attack choppers i can just see as a no. Generally, public servers and aircraft access dont mix because some people just cant fly or they just choose to not follow rules and crash. Its just more mess for the admins. Just for a hardcore server it seems a little too GTA. Thank you for your suggestion though. I will talk it through with my developers.
  4. Herzog

    Jets and Helicopters

    I think for now attack helicopters are off the table for either faction. They just cause more chaos. As for delivery missions. I am unsure what you mean by heli runs specifically. If we put in delivery missions scripts someone could just use a heli
  5. Hello all, I suppose a lot of you are wondering what is the status of our home developed Altis Life Server. I can tell you for sure that our developers have been very hard at work getting it ready for use and we are very close to a release of our server to the public. In this post i will just show off some screenshots of what to expect when you play on our server. Our server is developed by us for you. We have made everything simple and easy to use with added functionality. We have included many custom scripts and animations such as: fast roping, panic buttons, bandages and rubber guns just to name a few. Please bare in mind that this server will always be in a state of devlopment and if something does not work, be patient and it will be fixed. When you log in to our server, you will be able to see our custom spawn screen. Simple and easy with all of our information such as website and voice server connection info. Remember if you are playing such roles as cop or EMT it is vital that you join the teamspeak to play. Above are pictures of our status bars. To the left, it features information such as: - Name - Role - Health - Stamina - Food/Thirst - And ammo count And to the right, we have a status bar that sits at the bottom of the player window that show: - FPS - Players online by role - And how much cash you have on hand and in your bank All of our police vehicles have been retextured to fit our theme which is the British battenburg markings. Most vehicles come with multiple options to allow some more in depth roleplay within the cop side. The cops also include various helicopters and boats. Below are just a couple of pictures of different places around the map. Some, like the Kavala police headquarters, have undergone some modifications to make it look more of a used police station rather than an empty building. Around the map you will find custom signs for buildings like the police stations and hospitals. (Kavala Police Headquarters) (Kavala Hospital) (Kavala Main Square) (Rebel Base for all you terrorists out there) I hope everyone is excited as we are to start playing. We have not got long to wait now and development will not stop there. We will continue to update and modify our server as we continue to grow. Until then, please keep up to date via our trello board which shows which tasks we are undertaking: https://trello.com/b/vwmDOZ82/arma-3-server We hope to see you all soon and be on the lookout for more updates here on the forums. We hope that this will bring back our population to an active state and allow us all to enjoy some roleplay experiences with eachother. Many thanks, Herzog & Dev Team [Operations Manager]
  6. In this section you will be able to look and monitor all the changes being done to the server and what is developing and has been added to our server, as mentioned in a previous post the server changelog updates should look like; 11/05/2018 - Added better appearance to characters - More textures added - Manually skip mission files Keep your eyes out for updates and new developments on the server.
  7. Herzog

    Arma 3 Server

    Yes. Development is steady and with such a great development team behind the project, this will be a great AL server. I myself would like to push out a big thanks to our development team. They have already put so much time and effort into starting and creating this project for the community. Not to mention a big thanks to big boss James for making this all possible to you all. We hope you enjoy the outcome. Keep on the lookout for updates for when we go live. Herzog & Development Team.
  8. Herzog

    Website Changelog

    //Website Development - 03/05/2018// Changed: - Changed various tags for Junior, Senior and Lead ranks.
  9. Herzog

    Game Servers

    Agreed. If big boss james wants to go through with it i can pay for a host for a say 30 slot server for now and we can start work on it in about half hour when im free
  10. Herzog

    Game Servers

    We could always patch up what we can for basics in a couple of days and open a new changelog and update it every day/other day or monthly
  11. Herzog

    Game Servers

    Spoke to the big boss man about it all. It all depends on his final verdict but it would be great to create our own RP server for the community.
  12. Herzog

    Website Changelog

    //Website Development - 01/05/2018// Changed: Reordered secondary groups to match hierarchy of member roles.
  13. Herzog

    Game Servers

    Like, i could set up a small 30 slot or so arma altis life server for like the next two months. and seeing as i will be home for summer and working i can probably keep it going myself
  14. Herzog

    Game Servers

    I think a small ArmA RP server would do nicely just as a buffer between now and when Identity is fully released. Seeing that this is a community based around an RP game it would be great to have somewhere were our members can play with other members and test out their RP. Plus my knowledge stands with working on arma 3 servers so if any maintenance is needed on them me and the dev team im sure would be happy to make it nice and fancy. That being said though, this is out of you own wallet. I do however have some funds on my Pingperfect wallet i can use for an arma server but i wont be able to fund it solo unfortunately due to uni
  15. Herzog

    Website Changelog

    //Website Development - 15/03/2018// CHANGED: - Apologies to our current donators. Permissions of donator forums have been changed and can now be accessed and posted in.