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  1. Aiden

    Penguino APD Application

    Application Accepted! Please log onto our TeamSpeak ( and head down to the Police channels and wait in Waiting for Interview. Upon joining the channel every current Human Resources member online will be notified, they should respond as soon as possible. Inform them that your application has been accepted and that you are awaiting your interview! (Make sure you have the forum profile link and the player ID at hand to speed up this process) Kind Regards Aiden Peach
  2. I am most looking forward to running the Altis Police Department if you want to apply here is the link: https://www.identitylifeservers.com/forum/155-applications/ Kind Regards Aiden Peach Deputy Chief Constable
  3. Aiden

    Aiden White-List Application

    Thanks for the reply and informing me!
  4. Aiden

    Application Status - OPEN

    OPEN - Freely submit an Application LIMITED - Applications will be put under extreme scrutiny or Applicants must come under a specific category - (EU/NA/AU Timezone) ON HOLD - Freely Submit an Application however Applications may not be Accepted or Denied and may be idle for some time. CLOSED - Do not submit an Application (If you do it will be denied and you will have to wait 3 days until you can reapply) CURRENTLY: OPEN
  5. Real Name Kyle Pender Nickname Aiden Peach RP Name Aiden Peach Steam Name Break -_- SteamID 76561198234319644 Timezone GMT +1 Do you have a Microphone? Yes Do you have Teamspeak? Yes Teamspeak Name Aiden Peach AGE 16 Do you speak ENGLISH? Yes How fluent do you speak ENGLISH? I am full fluent In what year did this community first start/ open under a different name. 2016 Does the community have a age limit required to join? (Select 1 answer) No Age Limit What type of RP community are we? (Select all that apply) Hardcore RP In what region will our first community server launch in? (Select 1 answer) EU? Please give us some details on why you have picked our community I feel like this community is very welcoming and I want to be part of it and make it a safe and welcoming environment for all and especially new comers to the community, also I have noticed that the people inside this community are very nice and are very understandable and very responsive and if you have a issue they are always willing to help you out and I would like to part of this because this will be a new experience and give me more and different opportunities in the future was is great! Please Give A Small Backstory For Your Character I was on a school trip to a place called Altis and it was a going to be an amazing experience having fun with my friends on a school trip I packed up my stuff from home and got the ferry to the island as we were slowly getting there I saw the island but it was very far out but it was in site but it was night so I went to bed. The next morning I woke up in the night I woke up to screaming and the boat lob sided, I then saw the island, I swam to it and ever since I have been looking for jobs. Available Teamspeak interview times Well I can do tonight anytime and tomorrow after 3:30pm and anytime after that and on Saturday pretty much anytime and on sunday and that whole week I am on holiday so I can do whenever for the rest of the week