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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, 

My name is James and I am the Owner of this community.

I am a nice and friendly guy, and like to help everyone as much as possible. I volunteer as a Scout Leader and give as much back to the community as I possibly can.
I enjoy Gaming and I have been hosting servers for about 6 years now.

This community was founded under a different name and has changed 3 times since. 
I started the community with my friends and now this community is dedicated to IdentityRPG itself.

I have a teamspeak which is for anyone to join, just come along and chat.

Thank you for reading and joining us as dedicated members!

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Yo, What's up

I'm Dominik, been part of this community for a long long time even before the multiple name changes of the community. Also used to be a Developer for the Garry's Mod servers that the community used to own.

I have many years of experience in role playing, mainly on Garry's Mod where I've spent around 3000 Hours on many different role-playing servers.


Can't wait to meet some of you in-game once the game is finally released & I hope you enjoy your stay on the server.;)

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Hello all,

 I go by the name Herzog or Hezzy Bear almost everywhere. For those that are thinking, no im not German and for those who are wondering, it means 'Duke' in German :)

 As Operations Manager, the Lead Developer and I lead the ILC team of developers in ensuring that the forums stay fresh, the servers stay up and running and that your experience with us runs as smoothly as possible. I am also a part of the Management team and am here to solve any problems you might have. I am the utility tool guy of the team and im prepared for anything this community can throw at me.

I am 20 years of age and have a huge ambition in developing things. I am currently studying computing at University and for a while now i have fiddled with developing games using various software as well as modding current games. I like to do a lot of web developing including making my own with HTML and CSS and working on pre-built websites/forums such as this one. I like to do a lot of digital art using things like Photoshop. I have done a couple of pieces of concept art for a game that i was a part of but it never rose to anything. 

I absolutely love roleplaying games and have been playing for as long as i can remember. I used to be a member of TCG clan and played hella loads on their ArmA II Island Life servers before they moved to ArmA III and i left. I also love to play a lot of ESO RP, GTA RP and trying out RP in games that most would think it wouldnt exist.

I hope to be a part of this community for as long as i can and hope to bring you some great experiences within our community. 

If anything is broken or you just have a general question or a question about my dev team, feel free to message me. Im generally a nice guy :) 


          [Operations Manager] Herzog

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I'm Yaxy your community manager!

As community manager I overlook staff and handle the community as a whole, this means all servers, forums and things such as teamspeak. You could say I'm James' right hand man. I'm also going to be doing the interviews so I hope we meet there!

I'm a Swedish 17 year old engineering student and I love solving problems and helping people. I'm friendly and very open, I spend most of my time playing games, watching anime and youtube. I've been in this community(counting old ones) since 2013. I've always liked roleplaying and started very quickly when I starting playing video games, I found a gamemode called "cortex" In starcraft 2 and I had fun roleplaying in that. Later I found out about garry's mod and started playing ttt, that's when I found redstone revolution which was a community started by James. and I've stayed till today.

I look forward to interacting with you all!

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