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Police Application | Ethan Roberts

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)Title*: (e.g. "RP Name" Police Application) Ethan Roberts

Police Rank you are applying for: (Constable T1, Sergeant T2, Superintendent T3, Chief T4) Chief, T4

Nickname*: (e.g. "RP Characters nickname or your nickname") Roberto

Steam ID*: I will get this soon, I can't access steam yet due to mobile authenticator being stupid. 

Age: (Your age) Will be 17 by the time you start accepting.

Do you have Team-speak 3?* Yes

Do you have a microphone?* Yes

Why would you like to become a Bobby?* Well, as identity becoming a large known game for its RPG, I have played many games and my gaming life has evolved around RPG, As i have been in the police force in ArmA III on many servers, I have been a Superintendent, and i have also been the Chief Officer of the APC (Altis Police constabulary) I like to keep the streets clean and reduce all crimes as possible, i have been in the police force in the high managment offcing roles so i know how to keep a smooth department running and keeping the civlians safe and getting the criminals inside. 

What Experience do you have with being a Bobby in other RP servers?(including other games such as Gmod and Arma) As i have mentioned above in arma i have been a SUPT and Chief, i have ran many departments and been in high situations such as hostages, bank robberies etc. I know how to crack these situations and negotiate with the criminals / suspects. I would love to become the chief as it will be a new game and i know what to do to make the police force, strong, tactical and knowledgeable. I really hope i am given a chance for the police force as a Chief officer. With my experience i dont see why i am not the right candidate for the role.

What are your Ambitions?* I like to have a challenge, i see every challenge as a new fresh project. I will finish everything and make sure i am successful. If successful as a Chief, i will make this police force great with many good great knowledgeable officer.s 

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