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Hello all!

This section is all about your ideas and suggestions. Here on the Development team we take your ideas into consideration between everyone and if an end agreement is made your idea will be implemented onto the server / website or teamspeak. If you are not sure what to add on this section or you have an idea but not sure how to explain and express it to everyone, well I am going to leave a few bullet points below to help you get your ideas written! 


  • How would your idea affect other players on the server? (Positively or Negatively)
  • Why do you want this idea to be on the server and how will it be better on this server than other RP Servers?
  • Where did you think of this Idea? 
  • How would your Idea affect role play?


Above are just a small few tips on how to bring your idea to life, I am sure when you come to writing your idea and making a suggestions a few valid and important points will come to mind. 

Thank you for reading this post and I hope I have helped you write at least a paragraph about your idea! Here personally and at the Development team, I can sureley say we are excitied to see what amazing ideas and suggestions you come up with for our up coming growing server! 

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