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Report a Bug

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If you have encountered a bug, you can report it on this forum. We are very grateful for people taking the time out of their day to help maintain and improve our Altis Life server.

If you feel that this issue shouldn't be posted publicly, please direct message a staff member.

Exploiting Bugs

Players caught taking advantage of bugs will be permanently banned from the server.

Types of Bugs

Not all bugs are server sided. We cannot fix your FPS or other client sided issues. Please try restarting your game or looking up solutions to fixing these problems.

Major Bugs

Before reporting a bug, please look through the forum to make sure no one else has already reported it. In many cases, a major bug that is affecting the whole server is something that has already been reported.

The Process

Some bugs may take longer to fix than others, and we try our best to fix all issues in a reasonable time. Please be patient and do not message any staff members asking them to look at your report or bump the thread.




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