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Penguino APD Application

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  • Real Name
    Paolo Hernandez
  • RP Name
    Pablo Hernandez
  • SteamID
  • Timezone
  • AGE
  • How long have you been within the community
    Joined today
  • How many hours do you have playing Roleplay
    I currently have 1000 hours + on gmod rp and 400 hours rp on altis life servers
  • Brief Description about yourself - (Minimum 50 Words)
    I am a 17 year old from England, i like to play arma, gmod during my free time mainly on rp servers, i currently study english lan at college. i used to play on rp servers on gmod however i moved to arma due to the fact that in garrys mod there is not really good rp servers on there, i was part of a white list server on gmod until it was shut down recently. I've been trying to play civ but role playing is hard so i want a better form, so i want to become Police
  • Why do you want to become a police offer and what can you bring to the force? - (Minimum 150 Words)
    I want to become police because I have found out that It brings a whole new level of role play since watching them from CIV or HATO or NHS, I have enjoyed saying things in different ways to try and find out different things about the cops, and from what I've been told I really enjoy what they are saying.I love helping people, This being repairing their vehicles as HATO to Giving Reviving as NHS, I now want to try out the Police as from what I've been told I really can progress my character and help others while I'm doing it. I think I can bring good role play skills to the police, this will help me deal with criminals in a good manor whilst entertaining them and myself.The last reason I want to become a police officer is also to keep the roads safe, I hate reckless drivers on the roads because they cause hundreds to thousands of accidents on the road every year and those numbers are huge! I am hoping to just keep everything safe and smooth for everyone on the island of Altis.
  • Do you have any experience within a police force?
    Yes, I am currently a police on a altis life server galled grand theft arma
  • Tell us in some good detail what tasks do you expect to be taking as a police officer - (Minimum 125 Words)
    As a police officer I will be expecting to help out people, this being from helping the new player telling them what to do and where to go to helping lost Civilians find there way back to Kavala or a near City. I will also be expecting to Stop Gas station robbery using good role play to make them put the gun down and come to terms, this will allow them to get a reduced ticket or sentence but stops illegal things from happening. Another thing i will be expecting is to pull over reckless drivers, speeders and give them the correct ticket and charge for the crime they have committed. The last thing i will be expecting is to stop people from robbing innocent civilians doing copper or other legal runs, Whilst also stopping the illegal drug community.
  • Please show us your good understanding of role play by explaining your character’s backstory - (Minimum 125 Words)
    Pablo Hernandez was a Mexican Born child, from the age of 3 his parents gathered up money and they moved to England this is where he grew up, When he turned 18 he had become a rich man from selling copper to metal traders. This is where the criminals tried to intervene to stop him, one day on his drive to the trader 4 black suv's pulled up and tried to rob him luckily 2 cop patrols drove past and stopped the criminals, This scarred him for life and so he moved away from England to a place called Altis, Here he began the same trade eventually moving away from the trade and becoming a NHS during the day and HATO during the night, He now wants to join the police force to stop the Criminals as the police had once done for him.
  • Yes, I can confirm that I have read and understood the server rules correctly
  • Yes, I can confirm that I have read and understood the Police Handbook
  • Yes, I can confirm that this application is written by me, If not then I am happy to be subjected to a ban

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Application Accepted!


Please log onto our TeamSpeak ( and head down to the Police channels and wait in Waiting for Interview. Upon joining the channel every current Human Resources member online will be notified, they should respond as soon as possible. Inform them that your application has been accepted and that you are awaiting your interview! (Make sure you have the forum profile link and the player ID at hand to speed up this process)


Kind Regards

Aiden Peach

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